Review: Jesus > Religion

{By Taylor Turner} “I hate religion, in fact I literally resent it.”  If you are like me, you grew up in a Christian home with church involvement, Bible reading, and family devotions (all… Continue reading

Procrastination is Like Alcohol

{By Kyle Griesinger} Hi, my name is Kyle and I am a procrastiholic. Its been 21 days since my last deadline passed. I am sure that the IO staff appreciates the irony that… Continue reading

An Interview with Actress Pam Eichner

{By Ellery Sadler} Ok, y’all this is so cool and fun!!! I had the pleasure of seeing Pam Eichner in The Letter Writer, and then got to talk with her and ask her… Continue reading

Is Pinterest A Waste of Time?

{By Lindsay Chilton} I LOVE Pinterest. In fact, I’m slightly addicted.        It has everything from the ‘best chocolate cupcakes in the world’ to hilarious pictures of cats. I could spend… Continue reading

Review: Mere Christianity

{By Taylor Turner} When the shots rang out in Dallas, Texas on the morning of November 22,1963, Americans were stunned. The rest of their day was a blur. President John F. Kennedy, a… Continue reading

Reality Check

{By Kyle Griesinger} I had a thought the other day, and since I needed to write a post I figured I would parlay that thought into a few paragraphs, add some pictures, sprinkle… Continue reading

Review: The Letter Writer

{By Ellery Sadler} Rating: Beautiful. A touching film that will make you smile and is worthy of re-watching. The Letter Writer is the story of Maggy Fuller, a rebellious teen from a broken… Continue reading

Review: Economics in One Lesson

{By Taylor Turner} You have an economic ideology. Now you may say, “No, Taylor, I don’t. I do not even like economics.” The interesting part is that when the government takes part of… Continue reading

Why Reality TV is Dumb (And We All Watch it Anyway)

{By Ellery Sadler} Is there anything quite as ridiculous as the things that modern-day Western culture finds entertaining? We honestly think watching a couple fight is funny? Or seeing a family falling apart… Continue reading

Review: The Cross-Centered Life

{By Taylor Turner} “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” This quote, attributed to the internationally successful American author and educator Stephen Covey, is understood as a reminder… Continue reading