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Interview with Rising Christian Movie Star Joseph Gray

{By Ellery Sadler} In the world of Christian film, it isn’t often you find an actor who is talented, attractive, and dedicated to his craft, but when I first saw Joseph Gray in… Continue reading

Movie Review: Princess Cut

{By Ellery Sadler} A love story always intrigues me. When I interviewed Jenn Gotzon a while back, she mentioned that she was going to be in a film called Princess Cut. When I saw… Continue reading

Why Weakness is Really Your Greatest Strength

{By Taylor Turner} Don’t be discouraged today. Yes, you’re aware of your weaknesses and failures, but for each of them there’s forgiving, transforming grace.” And thus began my reading of just a daily… Continue reading

What The Age of Adaline Means for Millennials

{By Lana Jackson} “For all those years you’ve lived, you’ve never had a life.” What is the measure of a life? Most would answer time, time measures our lives. The times we’ve had… Continue reading

What Is The Secret to Being a Successful Christian Movie Producer?

{By Ellery Sadler} I’ve always wondered what exactly movie producers do. See, screenwriters write. Directors direct. Actors act. And producers produce … but what does that really mean? After watching Beyond the Mask,… Continue reading

7 Reasons Why You Need to Read a Book Today

{Guest Post by Kierstin Wilkins} Books have the power to change the world. But more importantly, they have the power to change you. I believe what we read sets a precedence for how… Continue reading

How C.S. Lewis Changed My Perspective on Love

{By Taylor Turner} Love. One simple word, yet, with so much gravity to our souls and permeating ramifications in our world. Culturally, we dilute its weight and narrow its definition and thus lose… Continue reading

Movie Review: Beyond the Mask

{By Ellery Sadler} Rating: A fun, family-friendly adventure movie. Great film.  I’m a huge fan of historical novels and history in general, so when Rick Green recommended this movie set during the Revolution,… Continue reading

Why Cinderella Will Restore Your Faith in Hollywood

{By Ellery Sadler} The new Cinderella movie is more than magical.  If you have lost your faith in movies (heaven forbid), or Hollywood, or humanity in general, grab your popcorn and a friend… Continue reading

What The Movie Fantasia Secretly Teaches You About Christ’s Love

{By Lindsey Weishar} Editor’s Note: I had never seen this video until Lindsey told me about it – and it is incredible!! Such a beautiful piece, I highly recommend watching it.  In the… Continue reading