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What Is The Secret to Being a Successful Christian Movie Producer?

{By Ellery Sadler} I’ve always wondered what exactly movie producers do. See, screenwriters write. Directors direct. Actors act. And producers produce … but what does that really mean? After watching Beyond the Mask,… Continue reading

Top 5 Posts of 2014

In this past year we’ve tripled our readership for this page!! And here are the most popular articles of 2014. Movie Review: Mercy Rule  This film sparked some interesting controversy among the Christian… Continue reading

The Art of a Fantastic First Impression

{By Lindsay Chilton} You are being judged. This is an unpleasant truth that many of us nowadays reject and instead say, “You don’t judge me, I don’t judge you”. You can repeat this… Continue reading

Q & A with Rising Christian Movie Star Cory M. Grant

{By Ellery Sadler} Cute. Talented. Christian. Actor. You don’t often get to put those four words together, but when I first saw Cory Grant in Coffee Shop I did. He has this sweet personality and… Continue reading

Interview with Alan Powell: Star of Hit Christian Film The Song

{By Ellery Sadler} His voice is as deep on the phone as it is on the screen, maybe deeper. That’s what I noticed about him first when I watched The Song and again… Continue reading

What It Takes to Ride the Big Waves: An Interview with Director Bruce Macdonald

{By Ellery Sadler} I’ve never heard someone talk so calmly about shark attacks before. Bruce Macdonald started out our conversation with the announcement that a young man, who was surfing not too far… Continue reading

Interview with Rachel Hendrix: Star of October Baby & The Perfect Wave

{By Ellery Sadler} I think it is her eyes that move me most. Something about the way Rachel looks, the depth in her voice, and the way her eyes speak to the screen,… Continue reading

Interview with Jenn Gotzon from Alone Yet Not Alone

{By Ellery Sadler}   There is a beautiful authenticity to Jenn Gotzon, a sort of deep, raw emotion that spills over into her work and shows itself in a soft empathetic voice. I… Continue reading

An Interview with Landon Henneman

{By Ellery Sadler} The first time I saw his picture, I knew who he looked like: James Dean. And I knew that I needed an interview. Not only does he look like James… Continue reading

An Interview with Director Rob Diamond

{By Ellery Sadler} Rob Diamond has been in the business of independent Christian film since before it was even a business. There is a sense of determination and conviction in his voice. I… Continue reading