Movie Review: Princess Cut

{By Ellery Sadler}

A love story always intrigues me.

When I interviewed Jenn Gotzon a while back, she mentioned that she was going to be in a film called Princess Cut. When I saw that the cast also included Mimi Sagardin from Return to the Hiding Place, I decided I needed to see it. This movie tells the story of Grace, a girl who longs to get married, and her journey to finding the right man.

princess cut movie review

While a bit predictable in it’s plot, I appreciated the theme of waiting for God’s timing to find true love. In a culture that often rushes headlong into romance, Princess Cut was a refreshing, different perspective.

What I Liked:

  • The theme is classic within the homeschool/Christian world, but one that can still be applicable to younger families or those new to the idea that there is an alternative to regular dating
  • Grace – Ashley Bratcher did a beautiful job portraying a young woman longing for love, her smile is infectious and while occasionally her lines sounded like lines, she was a pleasure to watch.
  • The setting, beautiful countryside and some good cinematography throughout the film
  • I loved Clint – Joseph Gray did an excellent job as Clint – the handsome, noble doctor. He was very natural and sweet. Joseph made even lines like “Would you consider exploring a deeper friendship with me?” or “Your heart is too precious a treasure to play games with” which could have easily been cheesy, sound sweet & vulnerable.
  • While I don’t necessarily personally agree the methods of courtship portrayed in the film, I like the way it was presented – it seemed natural and fun.
  • I appreciated the twist with Grace’s best friend turning on her and Brooke, the girl from Clint’s past, showing up.
  • I also liked that Clint didn’t exactly handle the situation with Brooke very well. While I’m not sure if it was the filmmaker’s intent, I think that Clint showed both pride and weakness initially in the way he handled the situation with Brooke. I appreciated that he wasn’t perfect.
  • Jenn Gotzon did a masterful job as Brooke – her acting is so natural and easy to watch. She draws you in with her charm and made a huge contribution to the film through her relatable character.

Things That Could be Improved

  • Attention to detail – for example, Grace asks for coffee with whipped cream, but the coffee she is served doesn’t have any.
  • Plot twists – while I enjoyed the overall theme that true love is worth the wait and romance is in God’s hands not our own, the actual plot was a bit predictable. I did appreciate that Brooke came in to the scene, she added some spice to the story.
  • It seemed a little unrealistic – Grace walks away from a ‘bad’ guy and then works on a farm in the middle of nowhere and a handsome noble young doctor sees her and wants to come courting … while I like the idea, it didn’t seem overly realistic. A girl may dream of this, but most of the time it doesn’t happen this way.
  • Some details were a little too much for the average audience – like when Clint first tells Grace he likes her, he brings her a bouquet of flowers symbolizing Jesus and purity. While it is interesting that iris’s symbolize Christ, I think it was a little too much.
  • Grace doesn’t really do anything but pull weeds occasionally, read books, and bake cookies … I think it would have been nice if she had some more purpose in life other than simply waiting for a man. She seemed to be the age where she could be in school or having a job of some sort.
  • The whole undercurrent of the father determining not to let Grace get hurt … I agree it’s important to avoid unnecessary heartbreak, but getting hurt and learning from that hurt is a part of every aspect of life, including relationships. So, while I understood the father’s desire to protect her, I think it was a bit heavy handed.

Overall, I enjoyed watching Princess Cut and seeing the story unfold. Ashely Bratcher, Jenn Gotzon, Joseph Grey each did an excellent job. The supporting cast also did well. While some lines came off a bit flat or cliche, overall it was a pleasure to watch.

If you are looking for a movie that showcases a different kind of love story, Princess Cut is the perfect film for a family movie night.