Why Christians Need to be Creative

{By Ellery Sadler}

I love being creative, when I have time.

why christians need to be creative

When my schedule is crammed with school and Young Life and camp counseling and work, however, I don’t have time for it. My favorite way to be creative is writing, of course. But between different commitments, I haven’t had time to write a novel lately.

So when my friend told me about the 100 Day Project, I thought that sounded like a great way to invest a few short minutes a day in creative writing. I decided I would keep a small notebook and write something every day. Little did I realize how hard it would be to squeeze in time for even just a few sentences or time to let my brain stop thinking about prophecies and eschatology long enough to create a character.

As the 100 days are drawing to an end, I can’t say I’ve kept up with it perfectly (I think I’m ten days behind), but it has been an amazing journey.

And it’s fun to look back on what I’ve written and see the different moods I was in, ideas I thought of, and characters I created.

Don’t forget to make time to be creative.

Sometimes life is too busy for you to simply have time to be spontaneously creative. I know how that is. But don’t let your life get into such a hectic rut of being busy that you don’t take a moment to pause and do something that restores your soul.

One of the key differences between man and animal is our ability to create.

Creativity is the fingerprint of God on our brains.

So make time for it. Even when life is crazy, you can squeeze in five or ten minutes to relax and let yourself make something. Paint. Sketch. Take a photo. Write a letter. Take a walk. Sit in silence. Fix something.

I thought I’d share a couple of my writings with you, so you can see what I’m talking about.

Day 2/100 

“Time doesn’t heal all wounds, you have to force yourself to forget. Drown yourself in greasy food and long days. It’s the only way. Pretend until the pretending becomes belief.” 

Day 13/100 

“Let me die naturally, please, and softly.” 

There is no such thing as natural death,” she said, her hands convulsing. “Death goes against every fiber of our being. It is the rebellion of nature.” 

Day 21/100

There was nothing quite like the feeling of a friend who understood, without her having to explain.

Day 44/100

“You haven’t lived the truth a day in your life. Why?” 

She looked up and smiled a slow, irritating smile. 

Maybe because the truth would hurt people, people I love most. Like you.” 

Day 46/100

I can’t do this alone.”

“You have to.” 

“Why? Everyone else has a partner, a friend.”

“Everyone else is a hero.” 

Day 81/100

“Take time.”

“Excuse me?”

“Take time. You don’t need to rush.” 

“But it’s a race, isn’t it?”

“Yes. But not the kind you think.” 


It doesn’t have to be fancy. It just needs to be you.