Movie Review: Beyond the Mask

{By Ellery Sadler} Rating: A fun, family-friendly adventure movie. Great film.  I’m a huge fan of historical novels and history in general, so when Rick Green recommended this movie set during the Revolution, I knew I needed to watch it. I saw Beyond the Mask last weekend with my younger sisters and was pleasantly surprised by the quality and complexity of this movie. The filming was quite well done, the characters engaging, and the plot intriguing. There was just enough romance to interest older teens and plenty of action for younger kids (or boys). beyond the mask movie review

Beyond the Mask is the story of an assassin during the Revolutionary War who tries to redeem his name, after falling love with an innocent Cinderella-like girl. It is the perfect mixture of romance and adventure.

Acting: Solid 

Beyond the Mask is a wonderful film, with great acting, good characters, and a fantastic cast. John Rhys-Davies, one of my favorite actors (who co-stars in Return to the Hiding Place), co-stars in Beyond the Mask. I was captivated by his performance. His voice, mannerisms, and ability to become totally different characters in each film he plays in, impresses me. He is a rare and wonderful actor. Andrew Cheney (who looks a little bit like Brad Pitt when he was young), was charming in his starring role of William Reynolds. I liked the conflict of his character, although I would have liked to see a little bit more of his backstory. Kara Killmer did a wonderful job as ‘the girl-next-door’ caught in the middle of an elaborate plot to destroy the colonies. She was innocent, beautiful, and relatable. While a few lines in the movie made me cringe, overall, I thought the acting was well done and easy to watch.

Maturity Level: PG 

Correctly rated PG, Beyond the Mask is a great family film with a little bid of editing. Some of the fighting scenes are quite long and a little bit brutal. Not much blood is shown, but some of William Reynold’s flashbacks were not what I would recommend for children. Overall, with a little fast-forwarding, I think Beyond the Mask is a movie the whole family can enjoy.

Technique: Good 

The cinematography was nicely done, with a variety of camera angles and good lighting. I found the music a little too dramatic during scenes which did not need a suspenseful soundtrack. I was very impressed by the special effects. Overall, the technical side was unobtrusive and allowed viewers to experience the film and focus on the story.

Overall: A Fun Movie, Easy to Watch & Easy to Love  

This is a fun, easy to watch film and I recommend it to families or siblings that are looking for a faith-based movie. (My sisters and I stayed up late watching it, we couldn’t go to bed without seeing the ending.) While the Christian side of the story was slightly heavy-handed at times, I appreciated how the overall plot was a picture of the redemption of Christ. I think the storyline was good enough and deep enough that the lines did not need to explain it. This is an easy to watch and easy to love film. It is a solid, well made Christian movie. Beyond the Mask is a fantastic adventure/romance movie that families will love.

Note: Tickets are available online only and you can find them here. Beyond the Mask is opening in theaters nationwide April 6th – so get your tickets now!!