What The Movie Fantasia Secretly Teaches You About Christ’s Love

{By Lindsey Weishar}

Editor’s Note: I had never seen this video until Lindsey told me about it – and it is incredible!! Such a beautiful piece, I highly recommend watching it. 

In the movie Fantasia 2000, there is one compilation of music and animation that especially catches my eye, and my heart. It’s a rendition of the Firebird Suite by Stravinsky.

The story that unfolds with the rises and falls of this piece is sheer beauty.

At the opening, a stag is walking through a silent barren forest. The trees are bare; snow lies at their bases. He comes to a little cave, and his breath expands upon the air, warming the ice on the ceiling. From water and breath, a nymph is born. She sees the cold earth, and spreading her arms like a verdant butterfly, glides over the land and brings forth the spring. The boughs of a naked tree she bedecks in flowers. She rises up with the tallest trees and whatever she touches turns green in her wake.

what does fantasia secretly teach about Christ's love

Until she comes to a place on a mountain where green will not grow, where the power of her goodness and life does not leave a mark. Confused, yet curious, she comes to a dip in the mountain containing a strangely shaped outcropping of rock. She touches the rock, and the music suddenly jumps as from this barren place a dragon-like creature emerges, breathing fire, and destroying every green thing the nymph has created. She tries to run as the firebird erupts and spreads its molten lava across the land. The stag watches from a cliff nearby as the nymph scales the tallest tree and, having nowhere else to hide, is utterly consumed by the firebird.

The scene then shifts to one of quiet. Ash rises in the air; the landscape is desolate, the trees splintered. Through the rubble, the stag walks, searching. He walks toward a patch of earth a little whiter than the rest of the land.

And again, he breathes on it, stirring up the nymph into life again. She is weak and broken.

christian perspective on fantasia firebird

He nudges her, but the desolation is all around her. She sees the tree she brought to life with blossoms, now grey and split down the center. She is crippled by her grief. There is a moment when she looks deeply into the stag’s eyes, and there finds an answer to a question: “what should I do now?” He lowers his head, and she grabs on to his antlers. He lifts her onto his back and begins to run. And she begins to cry. Where her tears hit the ground, little plants grow.

Seeing this, the nymph smiles, and is given wings to soar again. She rises from amid the stag’s antlers, and becoming like a dark cloud, sends rain upon the earth. Green springs up, and tree trunks shoot through the earth. No longer is the air full of ashes, but of butterflies. And that place on the mountain that seemed unredeemable and barren—it now greens at her touch. The piece finishes in a flourish of glory—she is brimming with happiness, the desolate land is once more made new, and the stag looks on in quiet marvel at the beauty she has wrought.

This piece has struck me in recent years for its sublime rendering of how God loves us, pursuing us even when we have been utterly defeated by some circumstance in our lives.

So often, I have felt the pain of being met by the firebird of anxious thoughts. When my spirits sink low, and all seems a fire-ravaged forest, it is hard to cling to the hope that is breathed all around me, to grab onto the stronghold of my faith, and rest in the arms of the Lord. But from the mystery of suffering comes beauty.

Closed doors open windows in the soul.

I pray that I may be like this nymph. “For when I am weak, then I am strong” (2 Cor. 12:10). When I accept the love He offers me, I can find the strength to soar, to add my hue to the masterpiece of the world, to once again love those around me in the unique way it’s been written in my heart to love. Therein lies my hope. I am never lost to Him, and my deepest hurt can be used to breathe life into the world again. I need only have confidence that the Lord is near, my stag upon the mountain, watching for me, waiting for me, listening for His love that pulses through me.

Though broken, though weak, I am beloved.

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Fantasia 2000 Christian perspective


Lindsey Weishar is 23-years-old and loves words. She also enjoys learning about new cultures and all things literary, especially writing poetry. She hopes to share with others the beauty of faith, and that each person is an expression of God’s love.