Top 5 Posts of 2014

In this past year we’ve tripled our readership for this page!! And here are the most popular articles of 2014.

Movie Review: Mercy Rule 

This film sparked some interesting controversy among the Christian community.

Talking With My Hero: An Interview with Kirk Cameron

My phone buzzed on the kitchen table. I dropped my book and jumped to get it, feeling excited, a little jittery. On the screen was the right number – it was Kirk Cameron calling. I swiped to answer.

“Hello?” I said.

“Ellery!” I recognized the voice. “I’m so sorry for being late. I was just running around with Chelsea and the kids and got a little behind. Let’s get started!”

4 Things We Can Learn About True Love from Maleficent

Long lashes. Perfect, luxurious hair that swirls even without a breeze. Dreamy eyes. Perfect physique. Whether it’s Prince Phillip or Ariel, true love has been a Disney theme since the beginning. And Maleficent is no different.

But Maleficent’s take on true love is different.

Moving more toward the Frozen side of the spectrum, Maleficent shows some interesting thoughts about true love and what it actually means.

An Interview with Rachel Spencer Hewitt 

I do a quick Google search of Rachel Spencer Hewitt. She’s a beautiful brunette, she went to Yale School of Drama, she’s from Texas, and she stars in Return to the Hiding Place [which ranks as one of the most powerful, breathtaking movies I have ever seen].

But Google can’t tell you what an hour on the phone with her can. She has a rich, vulnerable voice and a beautiful laugh. I can almost see her smiling as I listen to her talk over the distant sound of the cars passing outside her window.


What One Man Is Doing to Change Hollywood: An Interview with Director Rob Diamond 

Legendary Christian director Rob Diamond shares his perspective on power of film, his tips for movie making, and his favorite movie of all time.