Q & A with Rising Christian Movie Star Cory M. Grant

{By Ellery Sadler}

Cute. Talented. Christian. Actor.

You don’t often get to put those four words together, but when I first saw Cory Grant in Coffee Shop I did. He has this sweet personality and plays an adorable character (who is also a writer. what’s not to love?) and I knew we needed to have a Q & A with him on InsideOut.

Cory is one of those rare, authentic actors with an empathy and passion you can feel even on the other side of the screen.

cute christian actor interview

Me: Whats your favorite part about being an actor?

Cory: Favorite part of being an actor is the uncertainty of not knowing what the next role will be or where it will push me to go as an actor.  I really enjoy being able to try other peoples lives on by playing different roles.

Me: Are you a Christian, and if so, how does it impact your work?

Cory: Yes, I am a Christian, my faith has impacted my work tremendously.  There’s been several things I’ve turned down because of my faith.  There’s also been things I probably should have turned down as well and didn’t but it’s all part of the process, I suppose.

 Me: Coffee Shop is all about relationships, sooo what’s your best piece of advice?

Cory: My best piece of relationship advice would probably be to never expect things to be perfect and never go to sleep angry. Communication is the most important thing in the relationships I’ve been in.

cory m grant interview christian actor

 Me: Ok, I just have to ask, do you really like tea better than coffee? (I’m not a big coffee fan myself.)

Cory: Yes, I do like tea better than coffee.  It’s less bitter :)

[Watch the movie & you’ll see what he means]

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 9.48.25 AM

Me: Do you think media directs the culture or reflects it? 

Cory: I think media and culture direct each other.  Sorta of a symbiotic mess if you will — lol.   People love to follow others it’s easier for most and involves less thinking.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t always result in going in the best direction. I think media and culture heavily influence people but ultimately we should take responsibility for our own actions.

 Me: What’s your latest project? 

Cory: My next project that I booked directly after UP’s Coffee Shop was a recurring role on ABC’s “Nashville.” It’s been a lot of fun – but also very challenging.

 Me: What’s your favorite childhood memory? 

Cory: Hmm, my favorite childhood memory was when I was about 5.  My dad took me to fly a little gas powered airplane at the park.  I didn’t get to spend much time with him growing up – it’s probably the memory I cherish the most of him.

Me: What’s your favorite book?

Cory: My favorite book has to be Effortless Mastery by Kenny Werner.  It’s a book on being an artist and really helped me in my acting career thus far.

 Me: What is the next thing you’d like to cross off your bucket list? 

Cory: I’d like to cross “learn how to make house music” off my bucket list. I couldn’t tell you why — I’ve just always wanted to know what it was like to write and produce a song that people could dance to.

You can connect with Cory on Twitter or checkout Coffee Shop on UPtv.

cory m grant christian actor interview

Coffee Shop is playing one more time on UPtv, FRIDAY OCTOBER 24 – 1AM. (Stay up & watch it, y’all, it is totally worth it!)