The Best New Romantic Comedy: The Coffee Shop

{By Ellery Sadler}

Can Christians make good rom coms?? Good question. The answer is yes. The Coffee Shop is one of the best movies I’ve seen recently.

Rating: A clever and relatable romantic comedy. Excellent. 

I watched the trailer for The Coffee Shop after talking with Rachel Hendrix and knew this was a movie I wanted to see. With the reunion of Rachel Hendrix and  Jason Burkey (from October Baby) as an adorable couple and a coffee shop full of character for a backdrop, a cute playwright for the romantic interest and a feisty no-nonsense star – I was hooked. (And I don’t even like coffee.)

the coffee shop movie review

The Coffee Shop tells the tale of Donavan Turner, a young woman unlucky in love and struggling to keep a small town coffee shop open. When the bank threatens foreclosure,  a famous playwright in search of inspiration comes to town, and her charming ex-boyfriend shows up to rekindle their old flame, Donavan’s small-town life is turned upside down.

Acting: Fantastic 

The Coffee Shop is one of the best faith-based films I’ve seen, with a talented cast and authentic acting. Laura Vandervoort did a wonderful job as the lovelorn lead, Donavan. Cory M. Grant gave a stellar performance as the charming disillusioned playwright. Rachel Hendrix was winsome and delightful, as always, in her role as Donavan’s meddlesome younger sister. It was so much fun to see Rachel and Jason Burkey together again – I love the authenticity and chemistry of their relationship. It was also great to see Kevin Sorbo in this movie since he is one of my favorite actors. A wonderful film with great lines and even better delivery, I was impressed with the caliber of the performance by each actor. Fantastic job, Theresa Preston and John Erwin on a well written script.

movie review The Coffee Shop

Maturity Level: All Ages 

This movie is completely fine for all ages, although younger kids probably won’t be interested in it. If a few kisses bother you, might want to watch this before showing the whole family. The Coffee Shop is perfect for a girls’ movie night or a date night or a chocolate eating night or a espresso drinking party or basically any night. It’s the kind of movie you can keep coming back too. (I plan on watching it again and I’ve already seen it twice.)

Technical: Solid 

While  some scene changes were abrupt, overall I thought the cinematography and musical score were wonderful. I really fell in love with the soundtrack and was pleased by the variety of angles and shots and scenes. The technical side of things was exactly as it should be: beautiful and unobtrusive, allowing you to focus on the characters and story. Excellent job directing, Dave Johnson, and a huge thank you to the Erwin brothers for another wonderful film.

Overall: You Need to Watch this Movie   

In a world of tacky lines, inappropriate romances, and Bible-verse-toting faith-based films, The Coffee Shop is a refreshingly authentic, clever romantic comedy. This is exactly the kind of movie you are looking for to curl up with a bowl of ice cream and a blanket on a grey day. It’s lighthearted and winsome and wise. I recommend The Coffee Shop to anyone looking for a fun, relevant romantic movie. I absolutely fell in love with this movie!

The Coffee Shop is everything a romantic comedy should be: witty, sweet, relatable and romantic.

If you haven’t seen it, you need to. Check out The Coffee Shop on Facebook and on UPtv.