Interview with Alan Powell: Star of Hit Christian Film The Song

{By Ellery Sadler}

His voice is as deep on the phone as it is on the screen, maybe deeper. That’s what I noticed about him first when I watched The Song and again when I spoke with Alan on the phone. There is a lot of power, a lot of empathy and depth to his voice.

Alan Powell impressed me in The Song with the complexity of character he was able to convey and with the authenticity he portrayed in Jed King. The Song is hitting theaters across the nation tomorrow!! So I was excited to get the chance to talk with him and hear his thoughts.

The Song movie review, interview with Alan Powell

And here is my interview with Alan Powell:

Me: I know you are the lead singer for Anthem Lights, so tell me how you got started in music? 

Alan: Oh wow, that goes way back. I was born into a pretty musical family – that’s probably where my love for it started. And then after college I went to L.A. and met the boys for Anthem Lights and we just started to play.

Me: What drew you to acting? This is your first feature film, how did you get involved with The Song? 

Alan: I’ve always had a passion for film. It’s something I’ve really always wanted to do and be a part of. And when my agent heard about this project, he thought it sounded like a good fit. So I auditioned and here I am.

Me: Where do you get your inspiration? 

Alan: Hmm, just life. I think it’s really important to pay attention to the people around you, to see how they react to things and how things impact them and change them. Life is my inspiration.

The Song movie interview

Me: What impact do you hope The Song has on the people who watch it? 

Alan: I hope they are reminded of the priority of their family. I’ve heard that people have walked out from watching The Song and just had to call their husband or wife to tell them how much they love them – that is the impact I want it to have. And it isn’t just spouses, it’s all relationships, it’s family.

Me: What is acting like? Is it hard? 

Alan: Yeah, acting is hard. Some days were a real struggle, all of it was real character. I learned a lot from Jed. But it’s exciting too. It isn’t easy, it is work. Some days are hard and some days are fun. But it’s always exciting. You know when we’re kids we make believe and pretend things, and acting is really exactly the same, just on a grown up scale.

Me: Ok, this is one of my favorite questions to ask. What is your favorite movie? 

Alan: Aladdin. It’s always been Aladdin. It’s the first movie I remember seeing and I just love it. My little daughter loves it too, and it’s been fun to share that with her.

Me: What’s your favorite song to crank up load when you drive with the window’s down? 

Alan: Michael Jackson’s song Black & White. He is fantastic.

Me: What’s the next thing you’d like to cross off your bucket list? 

Alan: I’d really like to write, direct, and produce my own film. It is so incredible to see Richard Ramsey watch something that he’s created. Such a great experience.

Me: What’s your latest project? 

Alan: Anthem Lights has a new pop album coming out in about two weeks, so we’re excited about that!

anthem lights band interview

Me: What was one of your favorite parts about making The Song? 

Alan: I really credit the filmmakers with understanding my decision not to kiss anyone besides my wife and they were able to dub my wife in for the kissing scene. I was thankful that I didn’t have to compromise my own relationship to portray a man who compromises his relationship. 

Me: If you could give one piece of relationship advice to our readers, what would it be? 

Alan: Perspective. Keep perspective. Remind yourself of what is really important. And not just of what’s right and wrong, but also what’s actually best for you. It’s so easy to lose perspective with everything clamoring for your attention, and I think it’s crucial to keep focus.


The Song hits theaters Friday, SEPTEMBER 26!! Be sure to take your friends & watch it! You can check out Anthem Lights here or take a look at The Song’s Facebook page here.