Movie Review: The Song

{By Ellery Sadler}

Rating: A solid romantic drama with a strong Christian theme.

The  Bible’s most erotic book is an unusual subject for a movie. Depicting the love of Christ for His church, The Song of Solomon explores themes of faithfulness, pleasure, and love. When I saw the trailer for The Song, I was intrigued and decided I needed to see it.

movie review of The Song

The Song is tells the story of a young aspiring singer/songwriter, Jed King, who seeks to escape the long shadow of his famous father. He writes a song for his new bride and becomes an overnight sensation. Thrust into stardom and a world of temptation, his life & marriage begin to disintegrate.


Acting: Well done

I was impressed with the quality of actors in The Song. In a world of tacky Christian movies, it was refreshing to watch a film that addresses real issues honestly and with a level of professionalism in the cast that is often lacking. Alan Powell, the lead singer of Anthem Lights, stars at Jed King and did an excellent job as the attractive charismatic, somewhat moody singer. (I must admit I was distracted half of the movie by his beard which kept getting worse and worse– thankfully he finally shaves it.)  Ali Faulkner play’s his wife, and I was captivated by her charm, her ease in front of the screen, & her authenticity. The struggle and emotions she conveys in a single look is fantastic. Caitlin Nicol-Thomas, gave a stellar performance as Jed’s sultry temptress Shelby. Overall, despite a few lines coming off flat, I was pleasantly surprised with the performance quality.

The Song movie review

Maturity Level: PG16

Technically rated PG13, I would personally rate this film PG16. The Song addresses a lot of issues and mature topics, including adultery and suicide. While nothing overly graphic or explicit is shown, I wouldn’t recommend this movie for families. It also shows several scenes with drug use and alcohol. The grace of Christ is a clear themes in the film, but a lot of the heartache and sin and immorality is also shown.


Worldview: Christian

The Song is clearly Biblically based and overtly Christian with scripture adaptions narrated throughout the film and themes of grace, redemption, forgiveness and freedom underlying the entire story.


Technically: Solid

I was impressed with the cinematography and musical score for The Song. Advertised as a music-driven romantic drama, I was ready for a good soundtrack and I was not disappointed. Although the first several songs were painful (I think they were supposed to be this way to highlight Jed’s lack of inspiration at the time), the main songs were fantastic. I fell in love with the soundtrack.

The continuous narrative between and during scenes was not my favorite. I thought it distracted from the story and was a constant reminder that the movie was based on The Song of Solomon. I thought the part where Jed dresses up as a king with Shelby posing seductively beside him and the fact that his father’s name is David King (King David) were somewhat heavy-handed, but they didn’t ruin the film.


Overall: A solid Christian film for young adults & adults 

I was inspired by the raw honesty, the complexity of the relationships, and the solid production of The Song. I appreciated how Jed held out so long before succumbing to temptation and I appreciated the different aspects of his relationship with his wife. All the blame and struggle was not just one-sided.  Director Richard Ramsey has created a bold, daring film that addresses the realities of life with authenticity and honesty.

I am excited to see the lives and relationships The Song impacts, challenges, and changes.


“Even the wisest of men was a fool for love.” 

The Song is opening in theaters September 26th – you can find them on Facebook here to see the trailer & learn more. Or check out their website.