Movie Review: Adrenaline

{By Ellery Sadler}

Rating: A fun, family-friendly movie.

When producer Del Baron contacted me to watch the upcoming film Adrenaline, I was excited. This faith-based movie stars one of my favorite actors – John Schneider  – so I had to see it.

adrenaline upcoming christian movie

Adrenaline tells the story of a young man’s search for meaning and his quest for fulfillment through illegal drag racing. When a life-changing accident leaves him helpless, everything he believes is called into question.


Acting: Average

With a low-budget film it’s often hard to find quality actors, but Adrenaline did a good job. John Schneider’s performance was authentic, and entertaining. As always, he gave a stellar performance. Lovable and hilarious, Gregory Allen Williams was fantastic as the optimistic mentor and friend – he really stole the show. Michael Rosander did a good job with his portrayal of the lost and searching star of Adrenaline, as did Charlene Amoia in her role as his love interest and physical therapist. (I did wish there was a little more about their relationship though.) I also thought Myke Holmes did a great job as the sidekick. (And I loved his lucky socks.) While some lines in the movie came off  flat, overall the acting was well done.

adrenaline new christian movies


Maturity Level: PG

Adrenaline is fine for families, but there is some blood during a car wreck, some minor violence, and a slightly seductive young woman in a bar. This is a faith-based film that is great for the whole family.


Worldview: Christian 

This movie shows the power of redemption and how the world is unable to bring fulfillment. The cheapness of a temporary high compared to the continual unconditional love of Christ is clearly portrayed as the theme of faith is woven throughout Adrenaline.

adrenaline movie review

Overall: An interesting film for the whole family

Although  scene cuts and the musical score were a little stark in places, overall I thought the film was well done.  The dream scenes were not my favorite and I wanted closure on some plotlines that were left hanging, but as a whole Adrenaline was a great movie. I was impressed with the cinematography and fell in love with the soundtrack.

Adrenaline is easy to watch, entertaining, and thought-provoking. 

For the lover of cars or faith-based family films, Adrenaline is a great reminder of finding purpose and the power of Christ’s love.

“It’s not what you drive: it’s what drives you.”

Adrenaline is scheduled to be released spring of 2015. You can find out more by visiting their website or connecting with them on Facebook.