Movie Review: Seven Deadly Words

{By Ellery Sadler}

Rating: A thought-provoking film for the Christian community. 

Sometimes we need a wakeup call. And Seven Deadly Words is an interesting film that sheds light on the stagnant way churches and Christians often live and function.

Inspired by true events, Seven Deadly Words tells the story of a young new pastor who comes to a nearly bankrupt local church and sets about to make some serious changes. The only problem is, the man who hired him wants a puppet-pastor, not change.

movie review seven deadly words


The best part about this film was the issues it addresses, like the duty Christians have to their hometowns instead of focusing just on foreign missionaries. The storyline reveals several common flaws in the way churches operate and the way we, as Christians, sometimes think. I love how it focuses on challenging the status-quo and looking for new ways to do things.

I loved the natural raw-ness of the film. It almost seemed like you were just watching real life. And the twist at the end was very intriguing. Unlike most faith-based films, it wasn’t entirely happy. The ending really makes you think.

seven deadly words

A Few Thoughts: 

There were several issues with the technical side of the film. At some points the audio was a little static, and the unusual twist of making this a docu-drama took away from the flow of the film. It was hard to get into the story when every so often the movie cut to a documentary-style interview of the main characters. It was interesting and unique, but not my favorite format. Although most of the acting was quite well done, there were a couple issues, and some of the lines came off as lines (like in the end when they say ‘But this would make a great movie …’), overall it was a very good, thought-provoking film.


Acting:  Good

The cast did an excellent job. Linda Ward’s portrayal of the judgmental, inward-focused churchwoman was fabulous (and all too easy to believe). Mark Ginther who plays the self-righteous antagonist Vincent Haman was great. Luke Asher gave an excellent performance as the conflicted son-in-law of Vincent Haman. Roy Lynam as Pastor Bennett and Guisela Moro as his wife Elena also gave great performances.


Maturity Level: PG

seven deadly words  review

There is some violence and thematic elements in this movie. A car tries to run two children over (no blood is shown or anything), and a man tries to kill another man, but ends up falling and dying himself, while it isn’t gory, parents may want to edit before showing to children. There is also a woman who has had child out of wedlock, which is brought up a couple of times.


Worldview: Christian

Unlike a lot of outreach focused Christian films, Seven Deadly Words focuses instead on problems within the church. I really appreciated the uniqueness of this film and the way it addresses hypocrisy and flawed reasoning and the adherence to tradition for tradition’s sake. The true message of Christianity, of loving your neighbor and loving Jesus, was clearly stated throughout the film.


Overall, this was a unique, thought-provoking film that I would recommend to people looking for a fresh perspective on the difficulties within the church or a reminder of what it really means to be a good church. A solid film the whole family can enjoy.

“We’ve never done it that way before …” 

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