Movie Review: God’s Not Dead

{By Ellery Sadler}

Rating: An incredibly well done must-see Christian film.

It’s the talk of the town and everyone needs to see it. I first heard about God’s Not Dead from one of those Facebook ‘suggested’ posts. [They did a pretty good job targeting that one, don’t you think?] So I clicked on the trailer and saw one of my favorite actors, Kevin Sorbo. Cool beans. And then I got a glimpse of the storyline and decided I definitely needed to see it.

God's Not Dead movie review


God’s Not Dead tells the story of college freshman Josh Wheaton standing up to his atheist philosophy professor’s request to write three simple words: God is Dead. In response to his refusal, Professor Radisson challenges Josh to prove that God is alive. To the entire class.


Acting: Authentic and Inspiring

Ever since seeing Kevin Sorbo in Soul Surfer and Abel’s Field, I’ve thought of him as a wonderful actor. And he has proved it once again. Kevin Sorbo [as Professor Radisson] gives a stellar performance in God’s Not Dead. His realism in front of the screen makes it easy to believe him and watching him is an experience not to be missed. Shane Harper [as Josh Wheaton] also did an excellent job. With fantastic performances from Benjamin Onyango, Cory Oliver, Hadeel Sittu, Trisha LaFache, Dean Cain and the supporting cast, God’s Not Dead is believable and inspiring. It was fun to see the Newsboys in it too – they did an awesome job.

This film is far above your average faith-based film in terms of acting ability and execution. Excellent job. Well done.


Maturity Level: PG

Correctly rated PG, God’s Not Dead deals with some very real problems in our society and has some minor violence. [A girl his slapped several times by her father and thrown out of the house, and one character is hit by a car. While there isn’t much blood it still might be too mature for younger viewers.] God’s Not Dead takes a good look at real problems like pain, death, betrayal, fear, and abandonment. With a little bit of editing, this can be watched by the whole family.


Worldview: Overtly Christian

While some have criticized the blatant Christian message, I think it accurately addressed a prevalent issue in today’s culture. College students frequently face ridicule from classmates and professors. God’s Not Dead is a tribute to those who have stood firm in the faith and a testimony for those who will in the future.


Overall: A fantastic film you need to see

This is by far the best Christian film I have seen since Return to the Hiding Place. It is well made, well directed, and well acted.

I understand why they threw in Willie and Korie Robertson [they gained a lot of publicity and media attention from it], but I don’t think it added anything to the film. It was effective for marketing, but not for the actual movie. The ending was also slightly disappointing; it left a lot of loose ends. [Like Josh’s girlfriend, what happened to her? Or to the ‘evil’ businessman? Or the mother with dementia?]

Technically speaking I thought it was very well executed. The cinematography didn’t distract and instead allows you to focus on the story. Overall, God’s Not Dead is an excellent film, well worth your time. It is thought provoking, realistic, and inspiring.

While the critics make critique and the scoffers may scoff and some Christians may condemn, God’s Not Dead is changing people. And that is the mark of a truly great film.


God’s Not Dead is playing in theaters all across the U.S., Canada and Latin America and the U.K.!!!  Be sure to find one near you and go see it!! You can find them here on Facebook as well. 

What are your thoughts? Have you seen it? Comment below!