Movie Review: The Good Book

{By Ellery Sadler}


Rating: A unique, creative faith-based film.


Director Sharon Wilharm contacted me a few weeks ago to watch and review the latest film that she and her husband created, The Good Book. The Good Book is the first evangelical silent film to be released since we added sound to movies. (Pretty cool & creative, right?) I grew up watching Buster Keaton’s silent films and a variety of other early movies, so I was intrigued and had to watch it.

the good book movieThe Good Book tells the story of a small Bible that travels from person to person, passed along to old, young, rich, and poor. It’s a creative look at filmmaking and silent storytelling.


Acting: Average

With a lot of low-budget, Christian films it’s difficult to get quality actors, and especially with a silent film excellent acting is critical. While some of the acting was mediocre, a few actors were wonderful. Jenn Gotzon [God’s Country, Alone Yet Not Alone] did a fantastic job as Ruth. Her authenticity was beautiful to watch. Torry Martin [My Name is Paul, Princess Cut] also did a wonderful job.  Apolonia Davalos gave a moving, passionate performance.


Maturity Level: G

This film is completely suitable for all ages. There is no shown violence [although a missionary is about to be shot, the camera cuts away just beforehand] and it’s great for families.


Overall: An interesting film, great for families or the artsy viewer

The musical score was incredible and the cinematography beautiful.  Even though some parts left me yawning, I understand that the film was created to transcend cultural or language barriers, and as a ministry tool I think it can be very powerful. I applaud the creativity and boldness of Fred and Sharon Wilharm for trying something new like a feature length silent film. The Good Book has the ability to be a fantastic tool for missionaries across the world.

For someone looking for an unusual film, The Good Book is a unique look at the power of our actions and the impact they have on the people around us.

You can check out their website here or connect with them on Facebook here. The Good Book is scheduled to be released in stores September 2014 but will be screening in churches, film festivals, and independent theaters Summer 2014.