Stopping Kickstarter: Principles Still Matter

{By Ellery Sadler}

christian TV show rick green

It’s easy to talk about doing what’s right. And it’s easy to say you have principles.

But it’s a whole lot harder when you actually have to do what is right and stick to your principles. When people laugh, when friends patronize, when reputations or money is on the line.

From the start Kickstarter wasn’t the best for the Green family’s new TV show. Mr. Green was already uncomfortable that Kickstarter had balked at one of the rewards he offered (handgun defense classes). However, Kickstarter agreed to a compromise and let him keep his DVDs about defense and 2nd Amendment rights, so they moved forward.

But when he found out about Phelim and Ann McAleer’s (creators of Fracknation, Mine Your Own Business, Not Evil Just Wrong) latest Kickstarter project. Even though Kickstarter regularly allows projects about other horrific things, execs were concerned that the McAleer’s project would offend the Kickstarter community and was rejected. The project? The Gosnell Movie, which tells the story of Gosnell’s abortion clinic and reveals to the public how the media has completely ignored the more horrendous mass murderer in U.S. history.

When Mr. Green found out about that, and the fact that Kickstarter had rejected another pro-life project, they decided to leave, despite the fact that Red, White, Blue & Green was successfully on it’s way to raising what it needed on Kickstarter. The Greens have moved their fundraising to another site, FaithLuncher.

Doing what is right is not always easy [most of the time it’s hard]. It may mean being laughed at, it may mean losing your job, it may mean switching to a smaller, different fundraising site like the Greens. But principle is critical. It is what makes a family, a community, a nation.

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