Movie Review: Grace Unplugged

{By Ellery Sadler}

Rating: An excellent faith-based film, without a single cheesy line. 

I saw Grace Unplugged come up on my Amazon recommendation list, but didn’t really pay attention. But then I was walking through Wal-Mart and saw a poster advertising it. What Christian movies get advertising in Wal-Mart? I decided to watch it. And was blown away.

grace unplugged movie review

Grace Unplugged tells the moving story of teenage Gracie Trey who feels overpowered by her protective ex-pop-star father [who wants her to sing the way he wants her to sing] so she runs away to chase her dreams of stardom in Hollywood. But even when the world offers you everything you’ve ever asked from it, maybe it’s still not enough …

Acting: Completely Natural & Very Well Done

This is a really fabulous movie with excellent acting. AJ Michalka gave a stellar performance as Gracie Trey. Her ease and passion in front of the camera made it feel like you were just watching through the window of her real life. James Denton as her father also did a wonderful job; he was interesting and compelling and easy to watch.  Kevin Pollak was fantastic as Mossy. Michael Welch, as Quentin, did a great job being the awkward, sweet, quirky Christian sidekick. But the character that I felt like really stole the show was Shawnee Smith; something about the soul in her eyes and the authenticity in her performance just blew me away. Overall a fabulous job by the whole cast, without a single cheesy line.

Maturity Level: PG

Correctly rated PG, Grace Unplugged is a unique Christian movie in that it deals with an older teen as the main character. With a couple scenes of teen drinking and some illusions to the sinful lifestyle of Hollywood stars, you may want to preview before showing to younger kids.

Worldview: Overtly Christian

Tastefully woven throughout the story are the redemptive themes of Christ. Boldly Christian without being pushy, I was really impressed with Roadside Attractions and Lionsgate Films for such a well-executed, genuine representation of Christianity. Excellent job.

Overall: Fabulous film worth watching

This is one of the best faith-based films I’ve seen since Return to the Hiding Place or Unconditional. The screenplay and Stash Slionski’s cinematography are both very well done. I was really impressed with the level of the acting and production quality. I also really appreciated that her father was not overly villainized, and repentance from both him and Gracie was shown, so wasn’t just the ‘mean’ dad.

Grace Unplugged is a fabulous movie. I highly recommend it.

‘Sometimes chasing your dreams leads you right to where you belong.’