Movie Review: Mercy Rule

{By Ellery Sadler}

Rating: A solid family friendly film, with Kirk Cameron, so that makes it cool.

mercy rule kirk cameron

Kirk Cameron’s new movie has just been released!! New movies always make me excited. So I had to watch this the day it came out, of course.

Mercy Rule is a faith based film that tells the story of John Miller struggling to keep the family business alive when the eco-freakos come to town, and his son Cody, struggling to learn what it means to be a team player in baseball.  It’s a fun, easy to watch movie for the whole family.

Acting: Well done

Starring the amazing Kirk Cameron, his beautiful wife Chelsea, and that crazy comedian Tim Hawkins, Mercy Rule has a pretty awesome cast. While the characters were less intense and defined than in Cameron’s last feature film (Fireproof), the acting was equally well done. Kirk Cameron’s performance was fantastic, as usual. His charming realness and ease in front of the camera makes you feel like he isn’t even acting, and it’s wonderful to watch. Cody (Jared Miller) was adorable and did a great job. His sister Bea (Nicole Neilson) and the baseball team’s coach, acted by Bas Rutten, also did well. Kirk’s wife Chelsea was perfectly natural and a pleasure to watch. And Tim Hawkin’s debut role adds this random, quirky character to the mix that’s really fun.

Maturity Level: G

Reminiscent of We Bought a Zoo, the ‘bad guy’ in this movie is a hand-sanitizer-using suave city man, so totally fine for kids. There is nothing scary in this movie or even close to scary, except for maybe the baseball coach who is a little intimidating.

Worldview: Christian

While not explicitly Christian, this film is obviously grounded in Christian principles and exemplifies that throughout the story. Whether it’s when  Cody is learning to be a good sport, or when Chelsea reminds her husband that he will still have his family even if he loses his business, Mercy Rule is definitely shows a Christian worldview.

Overall: Great and worth watching if you are looking for a kid-friendly film 

Even though it is not as intense and passionate as Fireproof, Mercy Rule is a solid film. (You can’t really go wrong with Kirk Cameron.) The filming was also well done (except for the continuous use of slow motion for every pivotal moment during the film). It’s hard to find movies that your whole family can watch without constantly having your finger on the fast forward button, but Mercy Rule is a movie that lets you sit back and relax. You can buy it on DVD or as a digital download here. Mercy Rule is a great movie that is worth seeing for a fun family movie night.

‘There is no quit in family.’