Reality Check

{By Kyle Griesinger}

I had a thought the other day, and since I needed to write a post I figured I would parlay that thought into a few paragraphs, add some pictures, sprinkle in a few quotes and pass it off as a great piece of intellectually stimulating wisdom. Then I remembered that I’m no Hemingway, so here is my thought.


Well every thought or idea comes from somewhere, a genesis moment where your conscious mind makes a jump from A to B and pulls the veil off you eyes to a truth. But there I go trying to be Hemingway again. Anyway mine came while reading twitter, though I am sure you morally superior people wouldn’t go near that cesspool of nothingness, or as Clara describes it on Doctor Who, “Human souls trapped like flies in the World Wide Web. Stuck forever. Crying out for help.” But I am getting side tracked.

Anyway, I was scrolling along, minding my own business (ok not really), when I stumble on this:

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 11.20.26 AM

This is something most people would usually just skim over, myself included, but for whatever reason I gave it some thought.


Whats the problem?

Well theres not really a problem with wanting to have that kind of relationship, the problem is that it will never, it can never exist. It just can’t, think about it they only have to be in a relationship for 40 minutes a week and its all scripted. But this article is not about relationships, its about expectations, and about life in general.

We sit back in sitcom induced comas and while away our lives pining about how we don’t have a relationship like Rory and Amy, or how we don’t have adventures like Sherlock, etc. Instead of living the lives God made us to live. Why do we let hollywood tell us the kind of lives we should have instead of forging our own path?

It’s time for us to refuse to buy into the lie that the perfect life comes from a script. Its time to realize that life, with all of its infinite possibilities, all of its joy and all of its pain, all the mistakes, and the triumphs, all of it, is the most beautiful thing in all creation. Time to realize that every human story is a better story than could be dreamed up by all the best story tellers that ever lived.

So live the life you have, not the life that hollywood says you should want! Live for today, not for someday in the future. In short, Live!

And to end of a light note, here is a message from Ron Swanson: