Review: The Letter Writer

{By Ellery Sadler}

Rating: Beautiful. A touching film that will make you smile and is worthy of re-watching.

The Letter Writer

The Letter Writer is the story of Maggy Fuller, a rebellious teen from a broken family, who receives a strange letter from someone who has never met her but knows her better than anyone else. She sets out to find out who the author is and stumbles on Sam Worthington, an aging man seeking to change the world one handwritten note at  a time.

Acting: Well done and surprisingly genuine

I have to admit I’ve become a little disillusioned with Christian movies lately, after watching several that left me groaning at the cheesy lines, multitude of Bible verses, and poor acting. But The Letter Writer is different. With skillful acting and great performances from Aley Underwood and the late Bernie Diamond and the supporting cast, I was surprised and pleased. Aley Underwood has a whimsical style reminiscent of Keira Knightley and an honesty to her acting that was quite refreshing.  While some of the supporting characters could have been better developed, as a whole The Letter Writer was well done and enjoyable.

Well done, Christian Vuissa, for writing, directing, and producing a great movie.

Maturity Level: G 

This is a family friendly movie in every sense of the word. But The Letter Writer is interesting enough to warrant watching even if you weren’t looking for a family movie night. While Maggy does steal, it is shown as wrong and she does kiss her boyfriend, so if those are issues for you, just be aware.

Worldview: Christian

Told with authenticity and an intriguing story and set of characters, the Christian worldview is woven skillfully throughout this film.  Aley Underwood gives us a conflicted character, someone we can empathize with, caught at a fork in the road and wondering which way to go. Bernie Diamond shows us an old man who has chosen to use even his last days for good. Through their intertwined stories, the power of the Christian worldview is tastefully displayed.

Overall:  Wonderful 

With none of the heart wrenching, world changing drama of Return to the Hiding Place, or the raw emotion of Unconditional, The Letter Writer strikes a different chord. It is a simple story about the power of our words and maybe it’s the simplicity itself which makes The Letter Writer so moving. While some of the conflicts are resolved rather quickly at the end, it’s an enjoyable, feel-good film.

It is a wonderful movie well worth your time. I highly recommend you watch it.