10 Tips For Discussing Theology

{By Lindsay Chilton}

When you Google the word “theology”41,800,000 results come up.


That’s a lot of opinions on the subject. All of us have an opinion on theology but how do we discuss it with others?  Here are ten tips to remember when discussing theology:

1. Read your Bible like crazy. You can never read your Bible too much and there’s always something new to absorb. Don’t pick and choose which books you think are the most important. God gave us 66 books for a reason. There’s something to learn in each book.

 2. Be humble. You DO NOT know everything. That’s okay, because no one knows everything. Even if you are an expert in the subject you are discussing there is always room for learning.

 3. You need to know what you believe. How can you argue your view effectively if you don’t understand it? If you don’t understand what you’re talking about, people that do understand what you’re talking about know you have no idea.

 4. Make sure you can back up your theology with scripture. Scripture is your best tool for proving your point. If you can’t find verses to support your view of theology, it’s not biblical.

 5. Prepare for opposing views. Not everyone is going to agree with your views. If they did then there would be no need for discussions. You need to listen respectfully to the other person, even if their views differ from yours, but stand your ground.

 6. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It helps to understand your opponents view so you can answer their questions and debate with them more effectively.

 7. Remain calm. Remember you are a witness for what you are discussing. Not remaining calm also leads to an unnecessary argument that goes nowhere.

 8.  Anticipate the most common questions and objections and be ready to answer them.

 9. Learn to distinguish between people who are asking honest questions and searching v. those who are being argumentative because they do not want to submit to God’s authority. It’s hard to have a discussion with someone who does not actually want to debate and just wants to force their opinion on you. People who are asking honest questions and are searching for something deserve honest answers. Those who are being argumentative are typically trying to undermine you.

 10. Leave room for the Holy Spirit to work. It’s your job to present the truth; it’s the Holy Spirit’s job to convict.

Lindsay Chilton is a homeschooled junior in high school who has a love for writing, church history, and coffee. She is a fun genuine follower of Christ looking to live inside-out for Him.