Review: Unconditional

{By Ellery Sadler}

Rating: A powerful movie worth every second of your time.

I am so happy to have watched it and to be able to tell you about it. If you are looking for an excellent film with Christian principles, a hopeful message, incredible acting and a unique, well-developed storyline you’ve come to the right place.

Unconditional blew me away.

I have watched a number of ‘Christian’ movies (I only tell y’all about ones that are actually worth watching) that left me less than inspired, but Unconditional went above and beyond my expectations.

Told with powerful cinematography, beautiful acting and a unique storyline, Unconditional is an impressive film that left me crying in the airport. (And I never cry in public y’all.)


A life-changing encounter with two children from across the tracks leads a young woman, struggling to accept life after her husband’s murder, back to her oldest friend … and on an incredible journey to the unconditional love of God.

Acting: Beautiful and Powerful

Starring Michael Ealy and Lynn Collins, Unconditional was truly a Hollywood-worthy movie. The acting was genuine and realistic, lending an overall air of authenticity to the film. Michael Ealy gave a deep, heartfelt performance as Joe Bradford. Lynn Collins did a fabulous job as Samantha Crawford. The depth of the film was truly breathtaking. Showing the power of children in film, Gabriella Phillips silent story spoke volumes and Kwesi Boakye did a wonderful job. Unconditional is truly a rare film in that it captures the essence of what film is supposed to be: beautiful, moving, powerful, excellent.

Maturity Level: PG-13

Unconditional is correctly rated PG-13. While not too many, there are some thematic elements and some slightly graphic fight scenes and prison scenes that may want to be edited before showing young viewers. It’s not too much, or too graphic, but the whole story is high intensity, high emotion. The emotional pull of this movie is also very deep.

Worldview: Christian

The tasteful, subtle Christian overtones of this film are really wonderful. The Christian element of the movie was well woven into the storyline and very tastefully handled. I really appreciated that this film was both amazing and Christian. The main theme is unconditional love, and that pretty much says it all.


I highly recommend you watch this movie. It is the best Christian-made film I’ve seen since Return to the Hiding Place.

Unconditional is a stellar movie, well worth your time. 

Watch it and enjoy the power of excellent film.

‘It’s not a dead end if it takes you somewhere you needed to go.’