Review: Abel’s Field

{By Ellery Sadler}

Rating: A realistic, touching film. Perfect for a family movie night. 

You probably have already guessed it, but I am always on a mission to find great movies to watch.

It is one of my passions in life. While searching for some Christian-made movies, I came across one that I hadn’t heard of before: Abel’s Field.

Abel's Field

Set in middle America, a teen struggles to keep his family together after losing their mom and being abandoned by their father. He finds an unlikely mentor in the strange, silent groundskeeper of the high school football field.

Told with honesty, beautiful cinematography, and wonderful acting, Abel’s Field left me very impressed. It isn’t often that a Christian movie leaves tacky far behind, but Abel’s Field achieved a level of authenticity and professionalism that gives it a different (and better) feel than most ‘Christian’ movies.

Acting: Well Done and Realistic

With fantastic performances by Kevin Sorbo, as the solitary groundskeeper, and Samuel Davis, as the struggling teen, this movie’s authenticity showed real struggles and real triumphs with a refreshingly well-casted crew. Kevin Sorbo did an outstanding job showing us a real person in Abel. He doesn’t talk much in the movie, but for a brief moment we get to glimpse Abel’s soul through the powerful acting and depth he gave to this character. Samuel Davis also did a wonderful job as Seth. With a passion and genuineness sometimes hard to find in young Christian actors, he did an amazing job giving the audience someone they could understand and empathize with. Overall, the acting by both of these men and the supporting cast was very well done.

Maturity Level: PG

Appropriately rated PG, Abel’s Field is one of the few films out there today that really doesn’t need much (if any) editing. Some brief violence (Seth is bullied by the football team) and some thematic elements (some people shouting at each other) are really the only things that might be an issue.

Worldview: Christian

This is a family friendly movie with a clear, but not overdone, Christian worldview. While staying in line with Biblical principles and clearly showing right from wrong, I was pleasantly surprised that they did not sloppily try to shove the Gospel into it. The Christian message was tastefully woven throughout the storyline.

Overall: A Great Movie

I truly enjoyed watching Abel’s Field. It’s humor, honesty, authenticity and passion really impressed me. While not earth shattering, it is a solid, well done film definitely worth watching. It is available here on Amazon and is the perfect movie for a family movie night.

“Sometimes the hero is on the sidelines.”