The Demonization of Hollywood

{By Ellery Sadler}

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However you like to look at it, whatever your standards may be, whatever the movies that you watch, everyone knows that film has an impact on people. (Why else would we all go to movie theaters on opening night and spend twelve dollars for one ticket when we know in a few months we can own the movie for about that much?)

But many Christians have demonized Hollywood, and in the process, we’ve rejected the actors, screenwriters, directors, and cinematographers that go along with it.

Now, I understand that Hollywood produces some horrific films and that some of the actors and actresses in them subject themselves to horrific things, but in hating the sin, we also seem to hate the sinner. And we have lost a gigantic audience, and a gigantic opportunity.

This happened with an incredible movie that came out a few years ago. You probably remember it. It was called ‘The Blind Side.’ The sad story is that, because of a few questionable scenes and some language, Christian bookstores wouldn’t carry it. (Why bookstores sell movies in the first place is another subject.) They took a great movie with a great message and threw it out because of a few things that could easily have been skipped with a quick trigger finger on the fast-forward button. And in doing so missed the opportunity to impact hundreds of people’s lives.

Mainstream Hollywood for once made a decent movie telling the story of an amazing Christian family, and the Christian community failed to take the opportunity to encourage more films of that kind.

The Christian community needs more people in the filmmaking industry. We need a Steven Spielberg. We need a Brad Pitt or Robert Redford or Kiera Knightly. We need a Blake Snyder.

To believe that Hollywood is the devil’s playground and just leave it at that is a losing strategy. Actually, it’s not a strategy at all. It’s called giving up. And we as Christians, are not called to give up. We are called to get up and change the world.

Live life with passion, with abandon. Don’t be afraid to knock on that door, or ask that question, or take that job.

Think of the Biblical example of Daniel and his friends. These men made themselves the best that they possibly could be and then they went into Babylon and they did not compromise their principles, they did not change their beliefs.  They changed the world instead of themselves. That is what we are called to do.

Hollywood is just one of the areas in desperate need of bright, dedicated Christians. Whether you are called to be a filmmaker or a farmer, don’t let the idea that your field is too far gone to the ‘other side’  stop you from planting seeds.

If even the gates of hell cannot stand against the children of God, don’t you think we can open the gates of Hollywood? 

 Don’t give up on Hollywood. Go in and change it.