What Are You Afraid Of?

{By Ellery Sadler}

What is it that scares you?

The dark? Me too. Politics? Yep, they can be pretty scary. Politicians? Even scarier. Financial instability? Losing a job? Horses? Oh … maybe that’s just me. Not getting good grades? Failure? Losing a loved one? Dying? Public speaking?

There are so many things that scare people but one thing has almost all Americans rather worried: the future. 


With the fiscal cliff, rising debt, rising gas prices, absurd regulations, gun control, drones that can be used on American citizens and the political climate as a whole, not to mention the rapidly declining moral state of America, there is cause for serious concern.

The looming future has struck a note of complete panic in the heart of many a patriotic American and the sound of a death knell in the mind of many a cynic. It pretty much looks like our lives and the lives of our children are going to be pretty bleak. And pretty bad. But guess what? We’ve been there before.

Talk to your grandparents or someone who lived during the World War Two and see if they can tell you something of the heartbreak and hardship they endured. America has seen it all, from a Civil War, to the Great Depression, to the horrors of the holocaust, to the tragic loss of 17 Navy Seals in 2011 and the continued loss of American soldiers in undeclared wars to this day – we have seen hardship and we’ve come through it. We are strong enough to survive, and just maybe, thrive along the way.

Thriving, however, does require a few things. 

  1. Work – We are going to have to actually work for our families. I’m talking sweat, blood, and tears. It may be surprising, but I think we might see a return to the old days where families have to stick together. We are going to have to fight for our families and work for our futures.
  2. Optimism – Pessimism isn’t going to get us anywhere. An optimistic attitude is what we are going to need in the next few decades, and Christians should be among the most optimistic people on this planet. Worse comes to worst we die and then we get to go to heaven. So why not enjoy this life while we have it? I am not saying to be naive or absurdly optimistic as in everything is ‘roses and sunshine’, but it is important to pay attention to the overall attitude of your life and your actions and to see what Truth they point to. When the Son is the center of your universe you should look on the bright side.
  3. Taking Risk –  Risk is a good thing, believe it or not, and we need to be willing to take some. So many people play it safe and stay inside their comfort zone, but if we want to thrive during this time we are going to need to take some risk and think outside the box. This is not a time for staying in our parents’ basements playing video games and living in our little virtual ‘realities’. The real reality is worth living.
  4. Gratitude –  If we truly have a grasp on the incredible amount of sacrifice that has gone into building this nation, I believe we would protect our heritage and our Constitution with a greater urgency and greater respect. If there was more gratitude in this world and less complaining and responsibilityshirking, I believe the outlook for the future would be brighter. Never forget to be grateful.  
  5. Remembering – Remember that Americans have been through a lot.Remember it isn’t the end of the world until Christ comes again. Remember that you are stronger than you think. Remember that you were born to do great things. Remember your principles. The lack of any moral definition in America has left us drowning in a chaotic mishmash of ‘everything goes’. Everything does not ‘go’. Figure out what you believe and stick to it. Some things are right and some things are wrong. And remember there is always hope for the future. 

The future is always a little scary because we don’t know what is going to happen. And if you don’t know what is going to happen, you can’t be in control. And people like to be in control. But you can’t really control anything anyway, so why stress over it? 

The future has so many people paralyzed by fear, paranoid about something that has not even happened yet. But fear is a lie. At its core fear is doubting the heart of God. It is the same lie that Satan used in the Garden of Eden ‘God just didn’t want you to be as smart as Him … He wasn’t trying to protect you …’  And the only thing that can truly chain you down and imprison you is believing in a lie. 

So what are you afraid of? That God can’t handle your future or the future of America? He’s been handling the entire world for over two thousand years … He has more experience and a better perspective than we do. So why are we afraid?