7 Ways to Relax During the School Year

{By Ellery Sadler}frog relaxing

I am a very accomplished authority on staying relaxed during stressful situations, such as school.

And I have found several things that you can do to keep you relaxed and make you better company (no one likes spending time with freaking-out stressing-out grumpy people, just so you know).

To high schoolers:

You may be graduating but from what … high school? Homeschool high school? Yeah, that isn’t that stressful, so let’s just not make it a bigger deal than it really is. Sure, it can be difficult but there really isn’t that much to complain about.

To you crazy college kids:

You may actually have a legitimate reason to be working hard, but working hard and stressing out are two different things. So please, head these wise words of advice from a girl who knows how to relax. (Relaxing during the school year does not mean being lazy either by the way, it means handling your work load with grace and calmness. Yep, that should be in the dictionary. Oooh, Ellery’s Dictionary for the Modern Day Individual … :))

To the working young adults:

Hhhmm, I guess you don’t technically have school years, but these tips apply to you too. (And seriously, life is an adventure, hang on for the ride and have fun.)

7 Tips for Relaxing During the School Year

1. Yoga  I know, it seems kind of silly, at least that’s what I thought before I did it, but trust me, even just 15 minutes a day is a fabulous way to relax, calm down, and un-stress yourself.

2. Stop being on Facebook so much- You may wonder why I’m saying this, I mean, I’m not even on Facebook, so what right have I to be suggesting that you shouldn’t be on it so much? Well, I don’t have it, and I’m pretty much not stressed out. Other people I know do have it. And they pretty much are stressed out. A lot of people go on FB to ‘relax’ but I don’t think it really helps people relax. So, put two and two together it gives you four – in other words, I think FB may not be all that helpful … (and generally people post too much and try to be too funny and aren’t. So, the world would be a better place with people living their real lives instead of pretending to be superstars with their cyber ‘fans’ and ‘friends’. Oops, that wasn’t exactly what this was about …)

3. Read a Book– Try reading a chapter of a real book every day. And by real book I mean one with thin, yellowed pages and an old leather cover and truly good writing. A  good book can transport you to another world, and that is always a good way to relax.

4. Spend Time with Little Kids – Oh this is one of my favorites :) It is a great way to unwind and be helpful at the same time. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, there is nothing like playing with little kids. Believe me, it is a fabulous way to forget about school and dates  (not the romantic kind) and deadlines and grades.

5. Actually Get Some Sleep –  It never ceases to amaze me the horror stories of 2 and 3 hour night sleeps some people get. Really? Maybe once a year, but honestly, you should get more sleep than that. Not to sound like your mom, but it is really important, and will make you a lot more fun to be around. Plus, a lack of sleep does horrible things to your memory and brain.

6. A Day to Others – Try spending an entire day doing things for other people. Try doing a random act of kindness or run errands for your parents or babysit for free for a friend or take a friend out to lunch or coffee – whatever it is, just try spending an entire day doing things for other people. And don’t do anything involving your schoolwork. Try it. It’s very fun and effective.

7. Do Something You Love – Whether it is hunting :{ or shopping :) or cooking or driving fast or candlelight or reading or writing or riding horses or walking down dirt roads or singing at the top of your lungs in the car with the window’s open – whatever it may be, just set aside an afternoon to do it.

So, those are some things I’ve found that are helpful for relaxing during the school year.

How about you? Any tips on staying stress-free?