3 Books Every Christian Needs to Read

{By Ellery Sadler}

I have read a lot of books.

I’ve searched the books shelves in our home more than once, looking for a good book to read. And over this past year I’ve run across three books that have changed my life and my relationship with the Living God. So, here are three books every Christian needs to read.

3 books new 1Secrets of the Secret Place

by Bob Sorge

 If your quiet time has gone dry, if your prayers are stale, if you are searching but can’t seem to find anything or if you just want to have a deeper relationship with your Lord, you need to read this book. Actually, I don’t care what stage of life you are in, how deep  or shallow your relationship already is: you need to read this book. Secrets of the Secret Place touched me deeply and reawakened in me a desire for an intimate relationship with God and fruitful prayer life. Bob Sorge’s honesty and openness gives us a glimpse into the intimate secrets of the secret place and the power of the relationship God designed us to have with Him. A stirring, deeply moving book worth reading every day.

Experiencing God3 books 3

by Henry Blackaby

I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful this book is. It is eye-opening. Henry Blackaby showed me things I have seen all my life, but never understood. If you are wondering if God loves you, if you are unsure of the will of God for your life, if you have unanswered questions, I highly recommend you read this book. With the power of the Truth, Experiencing God  can change your perspective and your life.

The Power of Praise

by Merlin R. Carothers

 This book opened my eyes to the incredible power in praising the Lord in every situation and how amazingly caring my God is, even in the tiniest situations. Merlin Carothers skillfully weaves the stories of God’s miraculous intervention in people’s lives when they praise Him, into a compelling, transformative book. I can’t tell you the amazing way this book spoke to me and made me change my ways. The power unleashed by praising God  is unimaginable – read this book, try it, and see for yourself. The Lord works in incredible ways.

Ok, I couldn’t pick just three. So here is an extra one. It is a very quick read, but worth every second of your time. 

3 books 2 Epic

by John Eldridge

Why have we come to view this world as boring? Why do we find ourselves longing for something more? Why do we try to escape to other-realities in the TV and movies and video games? Why? John Eldridge paints the picture of the magic and fairytale-like world we live in, reawakening in us a childlike wonder at the magnificence of our God. If you want to be re-inspired and re-capture the wonder of this world, I highly highly recommend this book. It is amazing.

So, if you are looking for some good books to read these are three (or four) you shouldn’t miss out on! They have the potential to unlock your relationship with your Savior and change your life.

That is the power of the Truth.