Dear Mr. President: An Open Letter to the Next President of the United States

{By An Anonymous Citizen}

Dear Mr. President,

I can’t say I’m wildly excited about your election, unless by some unforeseen impossibility your name is neither Obama or Romney.

I do not see in you the potential for a great restoration of our country – economically, socially, internationally. But that is okay. Because you are not supposed to be the source of restoration [shocking, I know]. I know it may seem as if you are the all powerful, benevolent savior to this nation, wise shepherd of a floundering flock but the fact is that you, my dear sir, are merely the leader of the United State’s executive branch of government. No more, no less. True change, true restoration, stirs first in the hearts of the people of America, stirred [and this is slightly more encouraging] by the hand of God.

I sincerely hope, Mr. President, that you will fufill your office well. And I ask that you do just that – fufill your office. Your duties.

Not the usurped role that morphs and expands with each new head of the executive branch. If you forget what the duties of your specific role are, there is this crazy old document called the Constitution. You might try reading it.

Mr. President, I will respect your office as head of the executive branch of my nation’s government. I ask you to respect me and my fellow citizens as the backbone, flesh and substance of this nation.

Our inalienable, God given rights are the marrow of its being and our liberty is the soul. Respect that. And respect the Supreme Law of the Land for what it is – the supreme law of the land, holding a higher position than even yourself.

I apologize, Mr. President, that we-the-people have looked to you for more than you can give, for more than you can be

…whether benefactor, savior from ourselves, or fix-all cure-all for the mess we are in. We-the-people bear responsibility for the current state of affairs in our nation and thus, we must be the solution. Your bullet point plans and eloquent agendas are all very nice, but to “fix” our country, there needs to be a deeper reform, a more lasting change than the bandaids you suggest. We-the-people will have to change the country, from the inside out, if there is to be any true change at all. 

Mr. President, I will pray for you [when I remember…]. Please pray too, to God, that He will guide you, endow you with wisdom, self control and supernatural good sense.

It would be a miracle, but He is a God of miracles – so pray, Mr. President, pray. 

And may He Who is greater than all the kings of this world and Who is coming again to judge the nations of this earth and all its inhabitants, help us all to look beyond a newly elected leader for our hope.


A Citizen