Top 10 Apps for the Politically Inclined

{By Hailey Sadler}

Angry Birds was fun, no question about it.

But if you’re a political junkie and you want to use your “smart” phone for slightly more intellectual purposes than bombing pigs [as riveting as that was], you need to check out these  apps.

Even if you’re just trying to stay informed, any one of these top ten will offer you a wealth of easy to access information and updates at your fingertips [literally]. So without further ado, we present to you, in no particular order, ten of the best political apps:

1) Politifact

  • Now you can have the awesome “Truth-O-Meter” right in your pocket. With this app’s Pulitzer Prize winning fact checking you can cut through the political blather and get to the truth. Fact check politicians and get updates on campaign promises made by Obama as well as Republican leadership. [$1.99 for iPhone and Android]

2) Congress+

  • Brought to you by the Cohen Research Group, this super detailed app provides extensive research on all members of the U.S. Congress. Available information includes a mini biography, contact info, information on their legislative activity and staff, and even probability for reelection.
  • For the casual political junkie, the lite version is sufficient, but the full is a must-have if politics is your line of work or your passion. [$0.99 for lite version, $4.99 for full; both iPhone and Android.]

3) Dollarocracy

  • Armed with this app, you will be able to quickly and easily get information into the money side of politics. Investigate the top donors, industries, and areas forking over the big bucks to politicians, campaigns, and interest groups courtesy of the Center for Responsive Politics, a campaign watchdog.[Free for iPhone].

4) CSPAN Radio

  • Listen to Congressional hearings, political analysis and expert lectures any time you want. You can get CSPAN 1, 2, and 3. [Free for iPhone and Andriod]

5) Polltracker

  • Keep track of political polls for races all across the nation, thanks to this app by political website, Talking Point’s Memo. It will keep you up to date with relevant and interesting polls, helping you keep your finger on the pulse of popular opinion… or at least on polled opinion… at all times. [Free for iPhone].

6) Conservative Cartoons

  • Great for a laugh, this app covers the humorous side of elections, political events, and certain leaders [think Nancy Pelosi]. There is a liberal version available too, for all you democrats. [Free for iPhone].

7) Drudge Report

  • For obvious reasons, this is a must-have for any politically involved, informed citizen. While there are many Drudge apps out there, this one offers you the option of downloading articles via the Optimized Version, Original Version, or Safari. [Free for iPhone or Android].

8) Politics – The Essential Collection

  • Warning: this app is only for the serious students of politics and history, newcomers or the casually interested may find it intense and/or intimidating. With it you will get a collection of history’s most influential works in the area of government and politics, from Pain’s Common Sense to Tzu’s The Art of War. [$1.99 in the iTunes store].

9) Elections

  • Presidential races may grab the limelight but gubernatorial and local elections are arguably just as important, if not more. Keep up to date on local, state, and national elections across the nation with this app from Magnificent Library. You can even watch different coverage of debates and get information on the candidates, poll updates, and newsfeeds from national news sources. [$0.99].

10) Real Time Congress

  • This app offers incredibly comprehensive coverage of what’s happening in Congress right now, giving you access to updates from the House and Senate floor as the happen, reports by the Congressional Budget Offices, the Congressional Research service and lots more. You’ll also be able to see hearing schedules and get daily and weekly notices from the House Whips. [Free on iTunes].

Is there an app you would add to the list?  Have you tried any of the above? Share with us in the comment section.